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Safari Internet browser users: if you get PayPal error pages, use Microsoft's IE or Google Chrome browsers. Safari seems to have a problem with BUY NOW buttons.

All items are sent via special email download notice shortly after purchase. If you haven't received an email response back from us, it's because your return email is misspelled, bouncing, not going through, or got dumped into your spam/junk mail folder.  Lately it seems several of our customers are having email problems with their spam filters.

What you can do:
Check your spam/junk folder around the same day/time that you ordered it.
If you have multiple email addresses, check the one you use for PayPal.

GMAIL users: Look in your SPAM folder.
YAHOO/SBC email users: Their "spam guard" defaults to throwing away our email. You'll need to fix it. Here's how... 
users, sorry we don't have a fix for you yet.  If you can figure out how to allow all your email through, please let us know how you did it.
EARTHLINK users, look in your "quarantine" folder.
MSN users, look in your "junk" folder.
Sometimes just adding to your address book allows mail to go through. (web based email clients)

Some email systems are configured to automatically delete junk mail.  They delete incoming email "they" don't like. Complain to your ISP, about this.  Just because you get "some" email, doesn't mean you're getting all of it.  If you can find your email configuration menu on their email website, set it yourself. 

We'll help you. Send us your phone number or check below to see when we're online and phone us.

Before you call and ask "Do we have a certain schematic?"  See the schematic list page. We only have what is listed.

How do I order? See the ordering page.

Call us! (using Skype)
Our Skype phone name is [ MUSICPARTS ] All calls using Skype2Skype are free anywhere in the world.

Please leave a call back number or send it to us via email. (and when you want us to call back)

Link us on your own website...
To add a simple link on your own website, copy and paste this single line of HTML code :

<a href="">MusicParts.Com - Schematics & Manuals</a>

... and it will display this >>    MusicParts.Com - Schematics & Manuals




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Special Order: Documents and other Items

Note: Include the price and reference number you were given (if any), and/or describe the item in the "Message to Seller (Optional)" box when paying.